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With over 20 years of experience between them Kim and Olivia were designed to serve God by serving others.

Kim Schley

Co-Owner / Hospitality Expert

“Kim doesn’t just exemplify serving, her life is a service unto others.”


As the co-owner of the business, Kimberly does not hide behind fancy titles or glamorous positions. She can often be found picking up trash, refilling drinks, or making people feel warm and welcomed through engaging conversation.  She is constantly serving others, as her way of revealing God’s love. She is passionate about serving others in a way that expresses true hospitality—loving strangers.


Kim exudes service and excellent in everything she does, whether it’s in her role through the State of Michigan helping those in need gain access to resources, her position as a leader on the hospitality team at her church, or in her relationship with the many people she mentors and opens her home to every month.


In addition to all that she does, Kim also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cornerstone University and a Master’s degree in counseling which has prepared her to be a well-rounded leader in the hospitality industry.

For Kim, Here.To.Serve is not about being the number one provider in the hospitality industry, but making you the number one priority through hospitable Christ-reflecting service.

Olivia Owens

Co-Owner / Hospitality Expert

“Olivia seems to have eight arms and ten legs when she’s serving and a smile that brightens anyone's day.”


Olivia Owens is a West Michigan native with a heart for people. Her mantra is the best way to honor and serve God is through complete and genuine service to His people. With every encounter, Olivia brings a warm, genuine energy, that is enduring to people emotionally, spiritually and physically. Whether it’s serving at an anniversary, wedding, or even a funeral she exhibits the character of compassion and kindness.


Olivia has spent more than 20 years in the healthcare field nursing people and tending to the needs of patients in various states. Her tender care, precision, and discreet ability to move through spaces translate into the work she does with Here.To.Serve. This experience has also prepared Olivia to work with a variety of personality types, assuring she fits right in at your event, and guarantees that she’s great under pressure.


For Olivia, this business is about taking the love of God, pouring it into everything she does, and serving it to your guest. That’s why she’s the co-owner of Here.To.Serve.

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